March 20, 2018

Investigation: Absence , non- Completion of Kaduna 255 PHCs Worries Pregnant Women in Rural Communities

By Mohammed Ibrahim

Twenty Five year old Mother of Four, Hajara Musa has been married for 8 years and ‎now she is seven months pregnant expecting her fifth child.
Hajara always delivered her children at home with the help of unskilled birth attendants due to the absence
of Primary Health Care in her community which is a stone throw from Kaduna , the State capital.
‎The shy looking housewife narrated how she spent days in labour before her family decided to take her to a PHC located in Rigachukun Community, about 10 kilometres from her village.
She explained that on that fateful day, it was raining heavily and no vehicle in the village to take her even though she had never attended an ante-natal care throughout her pregnancy period.
” I was rushed on a‎ Motorcycle because I was becoming weak. Our road was very bad and I couldn’t hold the pain hence I finally delivered by the roadside closed to a stream on our way.
” Myself and a female relation that accompanied me on the same motorcycle cleaned the baby before returning home,”she said with smiling.
“Now I’m seven months pregnant and I have not attended anti natal care.
“Women here don’t go for ante-natal because of the distance , we don’t have a PHC centre here in the community or closed by .So, we rely on local herbs and elderly women to help us deliver,”‘ she said.

Interviewing one of local women in kabobo village

Another Housewife Lariya Umar a mother of Six children expressed worries over her health as she is now six months pregnant.
l’m worried because we don’t go for ante-natal due to lack of health facility here in this village. This is why majority of us prefer to deliver at home.
“I really suffered while giving birth to my fifth child. Now, I’m a bit worried again with this pregnant. We appeal to State government to build us a Primary health care centre in this village “she pleaded.
These are few tales from women in Kabobo village in Afaka Ward of Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State , North West Nigeria.
Nigeria’s Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) did not improve between 2008 and 2013 as revealed by the National Demographic Health Survey (NDHS) reports.
The MMR of 525/100,000 live births in 2008 and 576/100,000 live births in 2013 have shown that Nigeria is among the countries with the worst MMR in the world.‎
Kaduna state, located in the Northwest geographical zone of Nigeria, consists of 23 Local Government Areas (LGAs) with 255 political wards.
The state has an estimated total population of 6,113,503 million with an annual increase of approximately 3% and is both ethnically and religiously diverse.
The State has a 2016-2020 State Development Plan (SDP), with a vision of “Making Kaduna Great Again”, by ensuring, amongst others, that “all citizens have access to high quality, affordable healthcare and education, resulting in more fulfilling lives.’‎
This commitment was further demonstrated in Kaduna State 2017 budgetary provision of N2.9 billion for the renovation and upgrading of 255 PHCs and N425.7 million for the procurement of MNCH drugs in the State.
Information from the State Ministry of Health has shown than the State government is currently renovating and upgrading the 255 PHCs, which are at various stages of completion.
But got a decument which however showed that as at September, 2017 only eleven (11) of the 255 PHCs targeted have been completed.
The State, according to the Ministry of Health , has a total of 996 PHCS across the 23 LGAs which the state government agreed to renovate 255 of the Centers..
From each of the three senatorial zones , the following LGAs are chosen based on their level of renovation/upgrade completion.
Northern senatorial zone ( Zaria, Sabon Gari, Soba, Kubau, Ikara and Lere) Central senatorial zone ( Giwa, Igabi, Chikun and Kaduna South) Southern Senatorial Zone ( Jaba, Kachia, Kagarko and Jama’a ).
The renovated facilities are spread across the three senatorial zones of the state. The facilities are from
Northern senatorial Zone SMOH&HS ( PHC Tukur Tukur, PHC Kargi and PHC Kinkiba ) MNCH2 ( PHC Hanwa, PHC Gubuchi and PHC Tudai).
Central senatorial zone SMOH&HS (PHC Panhauya, PHC Gangara, PHC Yakawada, PHC Kakau and PHC Faki road) MNCH2 ( PHC Gwada)
Southern Senatorial zone SMOH&HS ( PHC SabonGarin Chori, PHC Gidan Waya and PHC Jere North ) MNCH2 ( PHC Kwoi, PHC Daddu and PHC Kateri) .

The State Commissioner for Health , Dr Paul Manya Dogo, was quoted as saying that ‎ the state went into partnership with development partners towards strengthening the PHC system along various thematic areas.
”We have 996 functional operational PHC facilities that are providing routine immunisation and outreach services.

“255 PHCs are undergoing expansion and renovation, all contracts agreement signed by both contractors and the client.

“254 contracts agreement have been collected by the contractors, 245 contractors were so far taken to sites but only 150 contractors are working on sites.”

The Commissioner added that some PHCs have been completed and handed over , while others are at various levels of completion.‎

But the Situation on ground doesn’t reflect that because findings from other wards across the state, showed that some of the PHCs are still under renovation a year after the contract was awarded, while other communities like Kabobo are in dire need of the facilities to be constructed in their areas.

“‘ Our PHC in Duyah ward, Jaba Local Government is still under construction even though we expected it to be completed so that our pregnant wives and sick children can access it,” a resident of the area who doesn’t want his name mentioned, said.

Faki road, PHC

According to him, the non- completion of the facility is making life difficult for their wives and children who always needed the services..
While the government delays the ugrading and expansion of these health facilities, lives of expectant mothers like Hajara and Lahira in Kabobo villages remain in danger.

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